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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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Our mission is to bring out the best in businesses by leveraging our unique in-house skill-set; our goal is to create value for the long term. We have a track record of turning around distressed companies and making solid, mature companies more profitable. We believe that success is a natural product of opportunity and hard work.

We are currently looking for a seasoned Executive/Personal Assistant to handle the day-to-day business and personal affairs of Cameron Sobolik, our CEO.

What You’ll Do

This is not a typical Executive Personal Assistant position; this is an opportunity to be the right hand to our CEO, Cameron, with a heavy emphasis on personal needs. As an integral part of the team, it’s your job to make sure meetings are held, schedules are shifted successfully, and no small detail is forgotten. Interacting with our entities and various business partners is inevitable, you will be not only a representation of the company, but a direct representation of our CEO; being professional, polished, and proactive are in your nature.

A majority of this role entails managing personal aspects of Cameron and his family’s day-to-day. Someone successful in this role will understand the flow of work/family life and anticipate things that need to be handled. As Cameron is a family man, assisting him will mean working with his family and their needs as well. This is a jack of all trades position and we can guarantee there will be moments where you will come across something that you haven’t done before, but if you are an adventurer and an extraordinary problem solver you will succeed.

Other accountabilities will include:

A day as the CEO’s Executive/Personal Assistant

We could try and describe what a typical day looks like for someone in this role, that wouldn’t be realistic. This role involves tackling new tasks on the fly, adapting to new priorities while not losing sight of the existing tasks on hand One day you might be invited to assist in a new business acquisition meeting to take notes and follow up on action items, and the next you’re scheduling a vehicle service appointment Regardless of the task, you approach it with a positive attitude and an eye for detail.

You have a big presence in the office ensuring necessary people are aware of Cameron’s schedule and needs. When he’s not in the office you are aware of exactly who needs to know what and proactively communicate as required to ensure operations run seamlessly.

You also have an important presence in Cameron’s family’s lives. Knowing and supporting them is second nature to you as you are just a phone call away for anything they may need.


Who You Are:

We are all about attitude at Teligence Capital, working hard with a positive attitude is a non-negotiable. We believe having the right attitude means:


What You'll Get

We believe that every day you should come to work with a purpose.

At Teligence, we work within a group of intelligent and talented people who think big, dream big, and work hard to make those dreams a reality. Together, we are committed to staying true to our core values: do the right thing, do it together, bring your best, be yourself. We’re proud to have created a work environment that celebrates the diversity of our team, while fostering shared success across our organization.

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